Finally, it’s tee time!

Two years ago Berny and I decided we wanted to combine our creative talents and create wearable, wonderful and super stylish t-shirts that captured our personalities and provided a way for women to better express themselves.

And, today, it’s here.

Just in time for Christmas, we’re releasing a limited number of our very first collection. And, we can’t wait to see you and your loved-ones wearing these lovingly designed t-shirts all across Australia.

With just 150 t-shirts on sale in December, you’ll need to be quick.

Please order yours by midnight December 14, so we can make sure it reaches you in time for Christmas.

Shop now!



While we’ve got your attention, we also want to say a huge, and heartfelt, thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported us on this journey.

There’s been a lot to learn, and as a couple of perfectionists, it’s taken longer than we’d anticipated, but we now feel confident that the quality, the print, the colour and the packaging is just right.

So thank you for your patience, your encouragement and your belief in us—you know who you are.


Keeva & Berny

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