SAVE the pay gap—14%—until International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and this year the theme is Each for Equal, because a gender equal world is an enabled world.

To celebrate this significant day, as well as recognise the importance of creating awareness, action and understanding of the gender pay and gender equality gap, at Ms Tee, we’re offering a ‘paygap’ discount of 14% off all tees, from now until March 8.

Despite being a wealthy nation, Australia’s own gender pay gap currently stands at 14%, which means on average men earn $241.50 more per week than women. Over the lifetime of a career, that’s an incredible difference in economic power—and we know women often also struggle with lower superannuation due to time off, or fewer work hours, while raising children or caring for parents and loved ones.

What can we do about equality?

14% off our tees until March 8.

We can raise our voice. And, to help make that possible for more women until March 8, we’re lowering our prices by 14%—the same difference as the current gender pay gap in Australia.



Can a t-shirt change the world?

At Ms Tee, we hope women will find a tee that speaks to them, and then allow it to speak for them. It can be hard at times for women to raise their voice, but when you use your body as a billboard, you can find the power to express yourself, without having to say a word.

One of our original t-shirt designs, the Ms Tee PayGap (available in black and navy) was designed to express our ongoing upset with the disparity between gender pay and gender body politics.

Not only do women get paid less than men, they are also subject to inequitable standards of beauty.  With various studies demonstrating women are less likely to be hired if they are considered ‘overweight’, the pressure on women to adhere to standardised perceptions of beauty is not only costly to our mental health and our wellbeing, but also our economic health.

It’s why, whether it’s pay gaps or thigh gaps, at Ms Tee, we absolutely mind the gap!

Buy your Ms Tee PayGap shirt for 14% off here.

But, sadly it isn’t just these gaps that are causing inequality, language and how we describe behaviour differently based on gender, is also a key oppressive force hurting women.

It’s why we’re demanding people throw out the ‘dick-tionary’ and start using the same adjectives regardless of gender.

Cultural narratives that celebrate male authority, but degrade the same in women—or, likewise, sexuality—are no longer welcome in 2020. Terms like bossy, hysterical, dramatic and whore, are demeaning and judgemental, and give men an unwarranted source of power.

At Ms Tee, our Dick-tionary shirt says, ‘enough is enough’. We’re not going to take these words as weapons any longer. It’s time to throw out the Dick-tionary once and for all!

Buy your Ms Tee Dick-tionary shirt for 14% off here.

Remember, to honour the economic inequality women face, from now until March 8th, Ms Tee will be offering a 14% discount on our launch range of tees.

It’s a small gesture that we hope will not only help women find the confidence to express themselves through their t-shirts, but enable them to do so at a fair cost.

#EachforEqual #InternationalWomensDay

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