What does it mean to be a woman in 2020?

By Keeva Stratton

We’ve just entered a new decade. Hopefully one that will see great strides taken towards gender equality, because sadly, great strides continue to be needed.

In Australia, a country of great privilege and wealth, women continue to lag behind men in wage equality and opportunity. In fact, there remains a 14% wage difference according to Workplace Gender Equality. On average men earn $241.50 more per week than women, which over a lifetime of work, is an incredible deficit in economic power.

We know that it’s not just the money that makes this so dangerous. Women who are victims of domestic violence are less likely to leave if they haven’t got the financial means to do so. And, according to the St Vincent de Paul Society, an increasing number of women over the age of 55 are facing homelessness. One can only wonder how much a lifetime of economic disadvantage contributes to being economically vulnerable in your later years.

For women of colour—especially our indigenous women—the data is even more horrifying. There isn’t just a pay gap, but a gap in health and life expectancy that urgently needs to be addressed.

According to Australians Together, ‘Non-Indigenous girls born in 2010-2012 in Australia can expect to live a decade longer than Indigenous girls born the same year (84.3 years and 73.7 years respectively).’

 It is, sadly a difficult time still for women.

 But, it’s also a time of great hope.

Through days, such as International Women’s Day, more awareness is brought to the challenges that women face. Together, by raising awareness we can begin to build understanding and empathy. We can work towards change.

At Ms Tee, we want to celebrate all women. We want them to feel that they have the power to raise their voice and express themselves, however feels appropriate to them.

Your body can be a powerful billboard, and it can send a message that sparks real change.

It’s why, from now until March 8, we’re taking 14% off all our tees in celebration of International Women’s Day. 14% reflects the gender pay gap in Australia, so we want you to be able to enjoy our lovingly designed and printed tees at a price that reflects the gap collectively we hope to close.

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