About us

What happened when a wordsmith and a visual artist decided they had something to say?

It turns out, they won’t be silenced…

Ms Tee is founded on the belief that through art and self-expression, women can change the world. Whether it’s responding to a sense of injustice, or being playful or poetic, raising the voice of women is vital—and through Ms Tee t-shirts, we hope you feel empowered to raise yours.

The founders of Ms Tee—Keeva Stratton a Brand Strategist and Berny Bacic an Art Director—had spent several years working together on advertising and brand projects before deciding it was time to share their own voice.

Passionate creatives, fervent feminists, and never short of an opinion, these ladies don’t just love their fashion, they want to impact the world through what they wear.

If you’ve ever felt silenced, afraid to be yourself or boxed into a certain mould, we hope that through Ms Tee you’ll find the freedom, diversity and sense of style that allows you to be you—whatever or whoever that is, on any given day.

Ladies, you deserve to love how your clothes make you feel. And, we look forward to your unique and beautiful selves, will take these t-shirts to fabulous new heights. 

Thank you for sharing our art, our voice, and our hope that every woman can enjoy the transformative power of just being perfectly, unapologetically, you.

Keeva & Berny

I’m like most women—angry sometimes, driven, passionate, playful. To be able to say all this and more through what I wear—and, let’s not kid ourselves, I’ve always got something to say—means everything to me.

I want nothing more than for women to feel they can raise their voices. Activism can be beautiful, soft and subtle in the form of colourful self expression, or it can loud, deviant and strong. Creativity is what makes this possible. Find a tee that you feel, and wear it with pride, because you deserve it. You really do.

– Keeva Stratton

I’m a big believer in self expression—to show up as our true creative selves each and every day is something that’s incredibly powerful to me. It took me a long time to feel comfortable expressing who I am. I don’t want any other woman to wait. So, don’t.

Be bold, be brave, be colourful.

Through these t shirts, I’m hoping more women can find a way to express their true selves—authentically, and in all their diversity. I can’t wait to see how amazing you make these tees look!

– Berny Bacic